Sunday, June 10, 2018

L'Auberge French Cafe - Lilydale, Victoria

Sometimes you just have to stumble on a restaurant to find something really special. Drive down any main street of any city or country town and an array of cafes and restaurants will clearly come into view. Drive down some back streets, only a block or two back, to sometimes stumble on a culinary gem. Well I let the internet do the stumbling for me. I wanted to find a fine little café or restaurant in the Yarra Valley region. I wanted a drive, dine and eat. Fortunately, electronically, I stumbled onto L'Auberge.

Off the main drag of Lilydale lays a quaint little church built in 1888. Over the years this classic building has been a few different restaurants and has been used for other purposes. Thank God for now it is a great little French Café. Inertia still displays a lot of how this building was back when it was a working church. There is ground and mezzanine floors and you can dine on either. Through winter a massive fireplace. For us we finished our drinks on the couch in front of the fire.

Food is French of course with some good selections. French onion soup heads up the menu with vegan and vegetarian options. Not for me, French Algerian sausage on my plate, merci! Both my wife and myself thought the food delicious and meals I saw going out looked equally as inviting. The wine selection is limited but enough and the sparkly and Merlot I had were good. The meals are of good size and there is a selection of sweets and cakes for afters or just cake and coffee. Coffee was also good.

My biggest complaint with most restaurants is choice and volume of music. French café - French music, Spanish café - Spanish music. But how many, even fine dining establishments, play loud rock\pop from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Please! Not here, classical music filled the air though it may have been just at touch too  loud.

Want to take the wife or lady friend out for a romantic lunch after a drive in the country. This is the place to do it. Its nice and quiet with good service, easy and free parking and pleasant, relax décor and surrounds. Small period rooms are open for hire for special occasions. I have already marked in my diary when to return and this time with friends. Bon appetit!

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