Monday, January 30, 2017

Forrest Brewing Company - Forrest, Victoria.

While staying at Separation Creek, on the west coast Victoria, we decided to drive back though the Otway's  to have lunch at Forrest Brewing Company. As advertised, more than a micro-brewer, it is a nice restaurant\café. Personally I didn't sample the beers as I was designated drive but did have one of the local reds. All good. Let's start with the staff. Very friendly, they just want your experience to be memorable. You can graze indoors or out. Being warmish we chose outside looking out over the main road. Not a bad spot as traffic was light and therefore no disturbing noise or petrol fumes. Before you plonk you buttocks down take a walk down the mains street. There is other eateries and I'm sure all good.

The drinks selection is extensive enough to satisfy most with, of course, the beer being the product you should try. Though I had none over lunch we did take away a four bottle sample pack of 500ml delights. The menu provided enough choices with the four of us all having something different. And what of the food? No complaints at my table. The four of us are real foodies and swing from fine dinning to quick café eating. Just one minor comment about the food; I had the ocean eight-legged bubble-headed wonder. Though tasty tough to chew, try something else.

Parking is off street and plenty of it. Just a very pleasant and friendly place to eat, old world feel, serene with lush surroundings and something different. From Melbourne it is a two hour drive and even if you are staying on the coast expect a one hour drive through hills. But then that's part of the fun, not that my three car sick passengers (winding hills and empty stomachs) will agree.

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