Friday, December 23, 2016

The Atlantic - South Bank, Victoria

There should not be one bad restaurant in the South Bank complex. No matter which of the top restaurants you chose you should expect two things: high price and the best food and service you can get. None of the better restaurants have a problem with over-charging and some deliver on the money, others?

We dined at The Atlantic recently and came away very disappointed. They had no problem over-charging but had real problems in the kitchen. The food was very sub-standard not what I would expect from this area. We have dinned at South Bank many times. As you are well aware I rarely comment on the food (I'm not a food critic) except to make very general comments. But to press a point I will comment on my supposedly wood smoked Kingfish. Firstly there was only one very small piece of the fish which had any "smokey" flavours or aroma. And secondly the fish was mush! Wet mush. I'm not sure what you have to do to a piece of fish to break the texture down to soggy cardboard but that's what it was.

My wife also said every part of her meal, including vegetables and salad was very poor quality. These guys should be sacked from South Bank. On reading other comments, on other blogs others have made, at least half of them are very derogatory. Comments from bad service, bad food and over-charging. I am not the only one who has had a lousy experience here. STAY AWAY!!! Find the local Mc Donalds if you enjoy bad food. The food maybe bad but it will be right priced.

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