Monday, June 6, 2016

IL Forno - Hampton, Victoria

IL Forno means "the oven". Great name for a restaurant. Hampton is well known for nice dining houses and with in-laws living in the area we find ourselves up this way more often. Nice modern feel though I felt the many family photos on one wall a little too much. The shop front is narrow, lookout for the entry. Street parking is possible but I would imagine on busy nights few spots will be found. I managed to park right out front, just lucky I guess.

You will not be crammed in here, there is good space between tables. Our waiter and possibly owner or part owner was knowledgeable and friendly and guided us through the many specials and dishes available. Most of us had different meals. The wine list is sufficient and the ordering of a beer was meant with a prompt coldie.  The food though was a bit of a let down. This was also felt by some others at our table. I rarely detail the food but when I ordered the Italian sardines I has met with a disappointing deep fried sardine mush filled croquet. I was expecting fish on my plate. And the pasta with pork belly ragout was pasta with a few knobs of pork mince. I had to even hut for the mince.

Without downing this pleasant looking establishment too much I would suggest you look elsewhere. The meals just did match an otherwise good looking restaurant which had all the promise. To say it was OK and not great is being kind. On the up side if you were wooing a partner a romantic meal would be on the cards here, just as long as you are not food critics.

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