Thursday, May 12, 2016

La Foglia - Milano, Italy

We were staying just around the corner from La Foglia at the excellent Mozart Hotel and managed to dine here on two occasions. Both times it was for dinner and both times it was very enjoyable. This boutique restaurant is, from what I could see, a young husband and wife concern. The lady up front and hubby rattling the pots and pans. Our hostess sounded French to me but English was no problem. Service is warm and friendly but still efficient. No long waits.

The meals are definitely Italian and serves are generous. There is a huge selection of wine from many styles, over a wide price range and all on display. Jump up and grab your own. We found two great drinks at reasonable prices. Don't be to surprised to see a dog under the table. This appears to be the done thing in Europe. If you are staying nearby you must eat here. Food is excellent and good value and don't be surprised if you find yourself back here the next day or night.

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