Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vanilla Lounge - Oakleigh, Victoria

What an excellent eating precinct Oakleigh has become. With its strong Greek community "all things Greek" are centered right in the main street - Portman Street. There is a main mall off Portman called Eaton, well worth a walk down if chasing some more Greek flavoured food or fashion. The atmosphere in Omonia Square (main square in Greece) Australia is friendly, both busy and laid back at the same time. Cafes and restaurants, generally Greek in nature, line the main street and and malls. But this is a good thing because, I would guarantee, if you drop into any of them you are in for a great eating experience. There are plenty to choose from.

 We were booked into Vanilla Lounge for brunch at 11:30. This massive restaurant is in Eaton Mall and is two storey. You  are greeted at the door by an impressive array of fine and very colourful cakes. Don't be tempted until you have eaten main. Meals here are big. It is hard to comprehend the size of the ground floor without the thought that there is a second floor??!!?? It is busy and a little noisy and may not be the best for the quiet romantics amongst us.

There are plenty of waiters to seat you, get you coffees, take your order and clear your table. All are friendly and efficient. Food quality is high but not sure it is all real traditional Greek. That is not to say you will not enjoy the food because you will. Coffee is good too and as mentioned above, there is the devils pantry full of eye popping and mouth watering cakes. For a serious meal or just cake and coffee Vanilla Lounge will fit the bill. Speaking of the bill, it is not over-priced particularly when you consider meal size. This Vanilla is not bland its more of a hot chocolate with feta cheese on top.

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