Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eurobites - Oakleigh, Victoria

Do want some Greek food? Do want some really good, no, really, really good Greek food? Do you not care about the ambiance, decor and furniture. You just want REAL Greek food as our Greek friends eat it.  Then there is but one place to go - Eurobites. Great Greek food right in the heart of Oakleigh. Park at the station and walk back past Eaton Lane down Portman Street. You may miss the restaurant so look out for it.

Take your appetite because the meals are a good size. Your a big eater? Then park yourself here and order up. Everything on the menu is great. Service is OK but you didn't come here for service you came here for great Greek food. And when you just can't eat any more take a look at the cakes. Great cakes and finish it off with a few short blacks.

This is not the only great restaurant in Oakleigh, in fact, the whole of Portman street and lanes and malls off it and are busting at the seams with great restaurants. But at Eurobites you may well get the very best of Greek food the very cosmopolitan town of Oakleigh has to offer. Its Greek and it's Great!!!!

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