Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hare and Grace - 525 Collins Street, Melbourne City

Finding a good place to eat steak in the heart of Melbourne is not difficult. If you are like me, a creature of habit, once your fav. steak haunt is secured you go back again and again. Trying a new restaurant can be more exciting than feasting at your tried and true eatery. An ex-work colleague (Jackie) and I catch-up regularly for a steak meal and every time we visit the same premises. Time to get adventurous.

Not working in the city and trusting Jackie with my stomach I left the “surprise eat” up to her. I had no idea where we were going but fortunately we were booked at the Hare and Grace. Yes they serve many other dishes outside of steak but when I saw “250 GRM GRAIN FED BLACK PREMIUM ANGUS EYE FILLET, CLARE VALLEY GOLD, SA” (long title small serve) I had to try it. On service I was disappointed by what I saw.

After cooking massive rib eyes at home and dinning on 1kg steaks at other restaurants, to see a palm size meat portion arrive with a tuft of greens even an anorexic rabbit wouldn’t touch, you feel cheated. Then I cut into the meat and took my first mouthful. The meat was divine, perfectly cooked but next time I’ll ask “medium-rare”.  Fries were served in a small terracotta flower pot, novel. I would prefer full size chips but they did provide wasabi to go with the fries on request.

The decor is fresh with a rustic feel. Service is excellent and friendly and wines are decantered on request. There are plenty of sides to go with your meal and dessert to follow. An outdoor area for after work and plenty of quiet window seats for a relaxed meal are all conveniently provided. Hare and Grace is certainly a place you should try. I could find little to complain about and none of it worth mentioning.

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