Thursday, February 28, 2013

Redfire - Karingal Cinema Complex, Karingal

After a night at the cinema a meal or coffee and cake is a nice way to finish off the night. We dropped into Refire which is right beside the cinema complex in Karingal. This restaurant has changed names and hands three times that I know of. This generally says something about the place.  I have eaten here a few times in the past and neither of them have been a good experience. Just read some of the negative comments already posted by others, it’s not just me.

On being seated we were told that some of the food was off service. We asked for beer, pizza and coffee and told that they were still serving that. This is 9pm but a busy and warm Saturday night. Where we sat we were pounded with annoying heavy metal music. This does nothing for digesting food. In fact the music was so bad, though we had ordered, my wife wanted to leave right then. Service was pleasant and before long I had my beer and my wife her coffee. The coffee was undrinkable being bitter with a burnt taste and my beer poured dead flat in the glass. No head and no bubbles??

After not too long, about a dozen heavy metal tunes later, the pizza arrived. It was totally tasteless with slabs of tomatoes on top. My wife couldn’t eat it after just one piece. I was hungry so forced down a few more pieces.  I quickly finished off my flat beer and we paid, complained and left.  Try Nandos or one of the other eateries. Redfire should be called Redface. If I was the owner that’s what I would have after reading all the negative remarks on the link. Time to change hands again?

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