Monday, August 13, 2012

Crackerjack Cafe - Carrum - Southern Victoria

Sometimes I think there is a God especially when I visit cafes and restaurants for the first time and have a heavenly experience.  For me it is only a twenty minute drive to Carrum from my home and a pleasant easy d rive at that. To find at the end of the short trip a modern waterfront cafe with delicious food, stunning Port Phillip Bay views and great service is a real blessing.  My first “holy” experience for was breakfast one chilly winter’s morn.  Breakfast with good friends themselves religious foodies.  Crackerjack is a crackerjack.

Not only is there a main cafe area, but also decking for drinks and coffee and add to this a function room. In the function room music afternoons are held regularly (too, loud for me). There is something for everyone here. The main cafe is small and extremely busy so book first to ensure a seat. The establishment is modern and boasts extensive use of timber and glass, all very nice.

Our host was most accommodating when we arrived for a table of six, on a Sunday, in the middle of their busiest period.  Service and staff were very warm and friendly and meals arrived in a reasonable time. The kitchen is right on the ball here with food not only being exceptionally delicious but hot and served promptly. All credit to Chef and kitchen staff. Meal size is generous and pricing very reasonable.  Crackerjack is open seven days a week. Go in a quiet period for a relaxing meal or drink. You will pay for parking though.

A few weeks later we dropped back for coffee and cake. I went for the wine list which is sufficient without being extensive. Locally grown wines and beers are very well supported and this is great to see. Carrum awaits you for Sunday service or any other time you feel sinfully hungry. Praise be those who serve and thank God for Crackerjack.

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