Friday, June 10, 2011

Bob Harrison's Best Red - McLaren Flats

Most people at some time are exposed to a wine tasting. Some of these are run by having the party come to you. You can then sample in a friendly environment at your leisure. Many years ago this is how I was introduced to Bob Harrison of Australian Boutique Premium Wines. Bob's a one man show and totes his wares from one tasting to another. Over the years, on and off, I have bought a number of different wines from Bob. The one I like the most is Dyson Sparkling "White" Sable. This champagne style wine is soft, low in acid, bottle fermented and excellent to drink any time. And I have!

But this article is not about the sparkling whites but about Bob's 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. At around $20 a bottle it is fabulous value. This wine has five years on it to this point and Bob says it could cellar for a couple more. This wine is from low yield vines, grown in clean soil and hand picked. The grapes are soft basket pressed, open fermented and aged in French oak.

Bob describes the taste as "mint licorice mocca, soft firm tannin." The wine comes from the Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia. But when every one's pallet is different I would describe this lush red as berry flavours, not your heavy dark berries but strawberry and raspberry flavours, with a hint of spice and a light port-spirit finish. I agree the tannin is soft. But fresh vibrant berries come to mind on the very first sip. This is probably one of the very best reds I have ever drank. It is one wine you just want to keep on drinking. My wife and her friends did one night and all kept remarking how good the wine was having no idea where it came from or what it cost.

Give Bob a call (see the web site highlighted above) or order from the site. Go for a dozen of Bob's 2006 Cab Savs and while your at it grab a dozen Dysons. Bob's pretty generous and you may find an extra bottle in the case when it arrives. If you are talking to Bob mention the blog and tell him Mark recommended the red. Bob's friendly and absolutely passionate about wine, especially his own. After a sip or two of Bob's best Red, you'll be passionate to. This Red is a stunner at any price.

Revisit: Too may bottles under the belt to mention. Still a top drop.


  1. I agreed with this'Bob's 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.
    It's my Favorite and it's been at least 4years now and I still my prefer red.

  2. belle

    I agree. Infact I liked it so much when my firt case was empty (far too early) I bought another. One of the few wines I keep just for me. Too good to share!

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I had placed my order two weeks ago, waiting for it to turn up.

  4. It can take a few weeks. Not sure why Bob does it this way but it will come. Belle have you tried the Sable Champs? If not you should.

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