Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heritage 3059 Restaurant - Balnarring

It's always a delight when you stumble, unexpectedly, on a restaurant tucked away in the woods, almost undetectable. Though this positioning is not good for business it does make the discovery and subsequent dinning experience all that more exciting. Heritage 3059 Restaurant is just a quaint find, off the road and opposite the Balnarring shops. It looks heritage listed and once inside you get the feel you have just walked into a country pub. It is as much a pub as a restaurant with a good selection imported beers on tap and a wine list well supporting local growers.

Through the week there is a staff of one so service is very personal. The kitchen is open and meal can be had. Your personal waiter will ensure your time in the restaurant is enjoyable. There is a big bar and drinks on the deck, on a warm night, would be most enjoyable. The menu has good choices and a wide range of food selections. I went for the pasta with olives. Most of the time you can count your olive allotment on one hand. Not at Heritage. The meal was large, extremely flavoursome and a stack of gorgeous olives. I could find no fault with the meal. It was perfect and a Fat Yak from the tap just boosted the experience. Make that two Fat Yaks for the fat diner.

Meals are not expensive. The surrounds could be described as: warm, quaint, country (complete with log fire) and friendly. Low level easy listening music immersed you in a tube of warm enjoyment. With the smell of freshly cooked pasta, punctuated by salty olives and the swill of a good beer this is about as good as it gets. And at a price anyone can afford. Stumbling on Heritage 3059 is a trip you must take.

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