Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moravia Restaurant – Camberwell - Victoria

Buried in the heart of the Camberwell shopping strip, on Bourke Road, is Moravia Restaurant. This long thin cafe extends to an upper eats area. A walk through to parking makes access easy.  If you can’t get a spot here, behind the main shops there is three hour parking and unlimited from 1pm on in other areas. Moravia is more of a large cafe than a “classy” restaurant. It is licensed and has a good selection of beers and basic wine list. The general feel is European or Italian. In fact most of the staff had strong accents. I like this it adds to the atmosphere.

I would drop in for a lunch while shopping in the area but wouldn’t make a special trip just to dine here. In my case it was to catch-up with old friends. Being near the Camberwell station it can make for a convenient meeting point for those who like to train or even tram. Where some cafes are so noisy you struggle to hear your own thoughts this was not the case here. The general ambiance being on the quiet side.

Service was efficient and the food OK. The four I eat with all enjoyed their meals. Pricing is reasonable and if you are budgeting you will come away feeling satisfied and not worried about deeper credit card debt.  The cake selection is excellent. I would make this the place to drop into for that cake and coffee you have to have while out shopping.  They do make a good coffee.

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