Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Herb Farm Restaurant - Lilydale - Victoria

While on a Sunday drive through the Yarra Valley, on our approach to home, we stumbled on the Herb Farm Restaurant.  It was 3pm and we were quite hungry and looking for some where to have a late lunch. Shocked to find this delightful establishment still serving lunch at this late hour we tired-up the horseless carriage and parked our hungry butts at a window seat. There is plenty of parking right in the restaurant.

The view from the restaurant is elevated and pleasant with plenty of trees and being on the corner of two major roads, lots of cars whizzing past.  The eating area is open, quiet and extensive and you will have no trouble finding window seats or romantic a nook. Attached to the restaurant are two gift shop rooms, one having hundreds of delicious coffees and herbs for sale. Take a look.

Service was prompt and friendly with an extensive and very yummy food and wine list. There were too many choices for my wife who took quite some time to make her food selection. The sparkling wine I sipped as a palette freshener was excellent and the white with the Garlic Prawn Fettuccini was perfect. You will have no problems finding something you like, both on the menu and the wine list.

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