Friday, December 2, 2011

Beewah Hotel - Beewah Queensland

While holidaying near the sunshine coast in north Queensland my wife and I decided to try a local pub meal. Beewah is a small town near the Landsbrough/Mooloola Valley area. The Beewah Hotel is a real oldie but has a modern makeover both inside and out. Should you visit take a look at the photos displayed inside the hotel of the early days of the hotel and area.

Like most pubs there is a bar, bistro and outdoor area. We found a table in the bistro area close to a window for a view of the side street. On tap you expect Queensland beers like XXXX which everyone drinks who lives in the state. Even Victorians living in QLD drink XXXX. But on tap were some Sydney beers. Tooheys Old and New? I was surprised. Of course XXXX was there and a few CUB beers. Just to go against the grain and I rarely get the chance to drink it on tap, I went for the Tooheys Old. A dark beer with a stout-like flavour, rich and a slightly bitter finish.

While staying with my daughter in the Mooloola area we had a steak meal consisting of the biggest steaks I have ever seen. The “Bushman’s cut” will see steaks as big as your plate begging to be eaten. The meat in the area appears a speciality and I’m told it comes from the “high country”. Not sure where that is but I’m grateful it exists because the meat is first class. Steaks featured heavily on the hotel menu so I felt compelled to indulge. But first I asked one of the kitchen staff if the meat was frozen and tenderised. I’m told it comes in fresh each day its not tenderised. I find tenderising allows the meat to dry while cooking. On the menu it did state the meat was “tender stretch”.

Regardless the meat was excellent and the meal big and hearty. The steak (rump for me, scotch for the good lady) was juicy and tender and perfectly cooked for me-medium to medium rare. A glass of red made for a good night out and a fine meal in pleasant surroundings. Drop in and take on a local steak. You will leave feed and watered and very satisfied. Beewah.

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