Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pier 10, Shoreham - Mornington Peninisula

Some very good chiefs just hide away. They know they're good and they don't need others to tell them so. They prepare exquisite meals, perfectly cooked and plated, like art on a canvas, not for us to enjoy but just because... they can. We sup, we drink and we enjoyed. Pier 10 .

More than a peninsula restaurant, a winery or cellar door, it is a family business. Food and wine do matter and the owners are making it their business which, if you visit, you'll know it. From sparkling Chardonnay, still whites and reds these guys have all the bases covered. Easy to get to and not far from many other nice restaurants and cafes. Pier 10, because of it's main kitchen hand and chief cook (the Chief), could well be the best diner, down south, by far.

For me it was "Daffy" (duck) which appeared sparse on the plate but did fill. Prior to this, my wife (Cathy) and I enjoyed the flat bread, prawn and coriander starter. This you must have. I went for the sugar cured slamon, black pudding, raw egg yoke and green pea puree. Very good. I stayed with sparkling and still whites my wife the red. Though I felt the whites very good the light red did not suit my wife's palette. Try the red before ordering a whole glass or bottle.

Cathy went for the risotto which she felt was under-par for this extablishment. She rated the meal at "pub" standard. The pub would have charged us a lot less. Unless you have to have risotto select something else.

On a Sunday, over lunch, Pier 10 may have live entertainment. The noise of talking (eating and drinking) people is enough in this big, high ceilinged building. To have a amplified live entertainer competing with the paying guests may be too much. We took cake and coffee outside though it was a cool and windy day. Go for the food alone.

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