Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Gossips about Hardys - cheap white wine

There is no doubt when you pay around $6 to $11 for a bottle of white you are going to get what you paid for. Cheap plonk. This is true at the other end of the scale though "the point of diminishing returns" may come into play. Warburn Estate: Gossips Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and Hardy's: Nottage Hill equivalent, both 2010 fall into the cheap wine category. But are they really that bad?

I usually drink reds. These days Yulumba Merlots are an inexpensive and pleasant drink for both my wife and me. But on occasions I yearn for a white. Not too acidic, not too sweet. Sav. blancs suit me here. Gossips white has flavours of soft melon, light lemon grass with notes of aniseed and chocolate. The Hardys is a dryer white and doesn't appear to have the complexity of Gossips. Hardys leans toward the lemon grass. For me, after work where I just want an easy drinking, inexpensive white, Gossips fits the bill in a number of ways. And for just $6.00!

If you only drink occasionally go for wines in a high price bracket. If you're only going to drink occasionally, spoil yourself. For a some of us a glass or two a night, or a whole bottle when really kicking back, is more the norm. $20 or $30 bottles of wine are just a little rich for me so bring on the The cheap delights.

I am yet to find a cask wine which approaches even the cheapest of bottled wines. If you only have a glass or two a night, sealed and in the fridge, opened wine will last three or so days. It will also tastes a lot better. Try some cheaper wines you may get a surprise. Gossips is a blend of New Zealand (10%) and Australian wine and is a real bargain.

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  1. Got recommended the Gossip Chardonnay at Dan Murphy's with out knowing the price and got a shock to be charged just $3.99 or $4.99. Had it with Indian Food. For the price it was pretty good. Good review.