Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fury And Son Brewing Co - Keilor Park Victoria

Don't you just love it when you turn up for a beer and they are brewing it right in front of you. But further more there are other beers on tap and a few vinos. Fury are aggressive about their brewing, done right and done here. I tried their Stout and IPA and really enjoyed them. Now on tap and open.

Add to this if you show on  a Friday night you can select some food to go REAL WELL with that freshly brewed foaming top! Slow coked and well smoked meats are on the menu. Good selections and cooked slow and long. Snap it up!

Fury And Son Co freshly opened "beer on tap and smoked easy eating food" onsite. Get in now and be a part of the action. Slow cooked, smoky meats and fresh brewed local beer on tap. Nice!

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