Friday, January 26, 2018

The Lorne Pier Seafood - Lorne, Victoria

Not hard to imagine a warm sunny day on the coast, looking out across the water, cool breeze blowing and the smell of freshly cooked seafood. If you are outside of Lorne Pier Restaurant this reality is not difficult. In fact it is very real. For my first here visit we went inside, the night was too warm but we did get a window seat.

Boy did it get noisy real quick. Not only patrons, but the staff lifted. Staff smashed down fresh crockery and cutlery at the servery and the diners yelled over the top. Then the cooks, who were elevated, yelled service to the staff below. So loud and such a calamity. Awful.

The food was ordinary, dry, tasteless and poor quality. Staff were efficient and friendly but it didn't make-up for ordinary food. Add to all of this the noise this would not be the venue for a first date. Here is the flip side; sunny day, no too hot, outside taking in the scenery, cold beer and a meal. If you are not a super foodie the meal may just suffice, want better than "just ok", go elsewhere.

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