Saturday, April 15, 2017

Montalto - Winery and Olive Grove, Red Hil, Victoria

On a few occasions we have snacked in the garden of the Montalto grounds. Sitting amongst the lavender and veggies consuming wine, olives and delicious foods while the sun blazes down upon you is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. On any sunny day it is always a busy place to be. Wine and olive oil sampling and purchases can be made. Tourists love it, we love it.

I had looked longing at the fine dinning restaurant situated at the top of the Moltalto expansive winery. We did try to get in once but it was fully booked. With our 28th wedding anniversary, on the Easter Saturday, this time we booked. Glad we did.

The menu did not contain any selections which had our mouth watering but we both found three courses which took our interest. Of the three courses only the dessert was disappointing. The other two courses were very good but not stunning. Meal size was appropriate and combined with the bread and side we were quite content. Wines were excellent, both the red and the white and coffee strong and rich. Choose from the menu wisely as the table beside us ate little of their meal.

Service was warm and friendly and the staff knowledgeable. We wanted to purchase oil and dukkha but the shop was closed. Our helpfully waiter managed to fill our order with little effort. Parking is free and at the door and the drive to Montalto is delightful. Fine dinning it is but not very fine. No reason not to go though. Nothing to see at night so go for lunch.

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