Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Winey Cow - Mornington, Mornington Peninsula

Strange name but an excellent place for a big lunch, a snack, a coffee and cake or a wine. Not sure where the "Cow" comes in but maybe because steak is on the menu. I have no idea exactly how many restaurants line main street Mornington but it is a ridiculously large number. Add to the ridiculous number all the cafes, fast food stores, ice cream parlors in side streets and lane ways and it may well be the biggest concentration of gastronomic outlets on planet earth. Don't believe me, take the walk yourself.

While you are counting drop into The Winey Cow for a feed. Inside or out this is a very nice little cafe\restaurant to do some serious carbs loading. We ate with two others and all meals looked sensational. Better still all means tasted sensational. That's two out of two and possibly the only two real issues which matter. Service was reasonable and friendly and we got a table outside. They don't take booking, they don't need to. Just rock-up 30mins before you want to eat because you may have to wait for a seat. We didn't and got a top street spot.

Generally when cafes have live entertainment it is loud and awful. Not this time, Guitar Slim (my name for him not his name for him), kept the volume low and tunes easy. We only had mains but meals were good size and the food (as I have already said but well worth saying again) was top notch. Eat, drink, watch the human race stroll past while you get back in touch with nature by eating some of it. Forget the counting and Winey Cow yourself. I'm going back.

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