Sunday, September 6, 2015

PUNCH LANE - Melbourne, Victoria

I never seem to tire of trying new places to eat. It is always and exciting time and the anticipation of an outstanding meal and a great time never seems to fade. We were booked into PUNCH LANE for Fathers Day dinner but first we had to travel up from the Mornington Peninsula. The forty-five minute drive was well worth it and the fact we got free parking close by the restaurant was a bonus.

Situated over the Spring Street end of old Melbourne Town this probably over 100 year building may never have seen so much activity. The restaurant is quite dark inside and deep. I would imaging even in broad day light it still would be dark inside. I don't mind this. It makes me feel I have escaped life and the world, if only for a few hours, to go to some unknown foreign place to be papered. Well gastronomically anyway.

The decor is old worldly, the walls lined with empty wine bottles (not sure that is good Feng Shui), an old railway clock and other antique pieces. There are a number of rooms, one large and one a lot smaller. We were in the smaller room with mirrored walls, all very nice. The wait staff were extremely friendly and happy to joke with you. The wine list, as you can image this being a wine bar, is extensive. I went for the house sparkling and then a Merlot blend 1/2 bottle. All very good,

The food here is the real hero and the food was absolutely spectacular. This is fine dinning in a more relaxed, closer, atmosphere. A wagyu tartare for entree and gnocchi for main. I couldn't have picked a better combo and couldn't have enjoyed it more. The light red just lifted an already exquisite dinning experience. Those I was with all greed the food really was outstanding. We must return and soon!

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