Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Meat and Wine Co. - Darling Harbor, NSW

A visit to Darling Harbor on a fine sunny day is a joy to behold. Whether on business, holidaying or just a quick visit as was my case. This is a foodies heaven on earth. There are so many fine restaurants and cafes plus quick take away outlets you could never try them all. Not possible. But why would you want to. Think what excites you when out for a dinning experience and find the eatery which looks the most satisfying. We did.

While meeting up with my son, at Darling Harbor, who was there on business we scoured the banks until we found what looked promising. One night down. While on my own the next day looking forward to a new dinning experience I dropped into The Meat and Wine Co.  Thursday for lunch, who would have thought it would be so busy? It did appear to be inhabited by the business community. With hard floors and a full house this modern restaurants with rustic appointments can be awfully noisy. Add to noise of "us" dance music with its "thump, thump, thump" this may not be the place for a first date.

I liked the decor and add to this a view (if on a window seat or outside) of the harbor there is no good reason not to visit. The food being served certainly looked delicious. I stayed with fish and found the lightly battered calamari sweet and tender but the rockling was wet and not at all pleasant. This is a meat house so I would suggest go for the red meat.

The wine and beer list is extensive and the bottom end Sav. Blanc. I was supping was OK. The staff are most friendly and efficient with a desire to make sure you will enjoy your visit. Here is an unusual suggestion I have never made before. You must visit the toilets here. I was so impressed with them I took a photo. Do go. Definitely put The Meat and Wine Co. on your eating list. Apart from the calamari stay with the meat. Next time I will and I'll be back.

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