Thursday, November 27, 2014

Epicurean - Red Hill, Morington Peninsula

Epicurean sits with a group of other restaurants and stores at a major “T” intersection in Red Hill. The Long Table is on the same grounds. This area and indeed Red Hill itself is packed full of nice eateries. You must try all of them including wineries. But Epicurean is huge compared to most other smaller or even boutique restaurants.  It is like a massive barn with an exceptionally high ceiling. Broad, wide, open and airy. Not only are you confronted with one very large main eating area but there are a number of other more private areas. These can be hired out for weddings, parties and anything.  And each has its only little feel and character.

The quisene is basically Italian\European and very good. We ordered pizza and a seafood linguine plus a bottle of red wine. All meals were absolutely first class and the bread which accompanied the meals was delicious. Our waiter, Giuseppe, was cheeky and fun and could take it as well as he could give it. The staff is efficient and friendly and nothing was too much trouble and there is plenty of parking.  The whole dining experience was fun, satisfying and ensured we will be back. Even if it’s just to say hi to Giuseppe!

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