Friday, March 14, 2014

Green Olive - Red Hill, Morington Peninsula

Taking a slow drive through Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, searching for an afternoon respite, we eventually ended up at Green Olive. On the day there was breath testing by police on quiet a few roads. Due to the fact we were driving around I got breath tested four times in one and a half hours. No problems with only one glass of white wine under the belt. The wine being an un-wood Chardonnay and accompanied by tapas.

Let’s just rewind a little and talk of the winery\restaurant.  The grounds are very pleasant and the eating areas the same. Inside or out, in the sun or in the shade, take your pick. You have the usual row of vines but if you sit outside you could sit in the veggie garden. Neat rows of rhubarb made for a very stylish almost ornamental garden display. I’d love to do it at home. So very nice, very green surrounds, clean air and from your elevated position, a view of the pound just a short stroll away. Inside the shop area there is lots of produce and items to purchase.  

Back to the wine and tapas. If you are going for a big lunch you may be disappointed, tapas is the order of the day. I was disappointed by our tapas serving which were a few slices of dry bread, a small bowl of even smaller olives in a lot of oil and an olive paste.  The dark olive paste was far to strong tasting, even bitter, not pleasant and I love my olive and olive dips. The un-wood Chardonnay I thought was excellent but to pricey at $40 a bottle at cellar door.

Parking is plentiful, staff is friendly and coffee looks good.  I can’t think of a good reason NOT to visit here and I can’t think of a good reason to visit. It was ordinary. I have been to much, much better in the area. I did like the wine and surrounds but that’s where it stops.

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