Sunday, February 2, 2014

the rocks - Mornington, Mornington Peninsula

There are many restaurant gems on the Mornington Peninsula, Southern Victoria and the rocks is just one of them. The restaurant is on the second floor with open and closed in dining areas. For us we were there for a mid-morning breakfast. A warm sunny day, looking out over a beautiful bay of dead calm, crystal clear water, what could be nicer? This whole restaurant has a relaxed feel and ambiance about it. It says; “sit, eat and enjoy”. Our orders were taken promptly but there was quite a wait for the food with a table of eight getting in ahead of us.

Staff were pleasant and friendly and the outdoor alfresco area is family friendly.  Parking shouldn’t be a problem but watch out some areas are metered. Menu choices are plentiful and I got the impression the kitchen 'knows its stuff'. Though neither of us were overly impressed with the food served it was well presented and of reasonable quality.  I have had better Eggs Benedict in a small Franskton cafe. A main meal may be a better way of really ascertaining just how good this restaurant is. Try it for yourself, the view is stunning and I have heard only good reports about this well positioned eatery. Now it’s your turn.

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