Monday, January 13, 2014

DoppioZero - Cool Stores, Mornington Peninsula

We went back to Doppiozero for another try of their food and service. See my remarks below for our first visit after the restaurant had only been open for a short time. I was hoping for better service and definitely better food. Service was fine and everyone appeared to know what was on the menu and what could be served. The restaurant was quiet therefore no excuse for a bad experience.

On our first visit we were told me must come back and try their pizzas. Every cafe, restaurant and take-away can cook a good pizza. So how would Doppio better a pizza? They didn't. To date the best pizza I have had has is from the local shopping centre and unfortunately Doppio’s was a very poor contender. I picked my favourite type of pizza and was sadly let down. My dining partner ordered the gnocchi with beetroot. For one it looked awful being a pinky-red colour and I was informed it had no taste at all. Two meals both unimpressive. Nice ambiance though the music was too loud but until they can fix the food quality, they have lost me.

Revisit: DoppioZero at The Cool Stores on the Mornington Peninsula is a very new restaurant as of this writing. When we visited it had only been open the day before. Teething problems, you bet. So let’s not be too hard on this fledgling enterprise.

Let’s take a look at all the good points:

  • ·         Lots of easy parking
  • ·         Not too far down the Peninsula and a pleasant drive at that
  • ·         Rural surroundings
  • ·         The fresh smell of clean air with the bay not too far off
  • ·         A brand new restaurant, clean, pristine, modern with a European feel
  • ·         Pleasant ambience
  • ·         Friendly staff

Now some not too exciting observations:

  • ·         A difficult to read and understand drinks menu
  • ·         A more confusing cocktail menu on a bottle?
  • ·         Staff not sure what kitchen can do and can’t do
  • ·         Kitchen not too sure what they can do
  • ·         Food menu a little confusing
  • ·         Maitre d’ and staff differing over what the kitchen can provide
  • ·         Limited selection of wines
  • ·         No garlic bread according to staff but not according to Maitre d’
  • ·         Pushing pizza  - so who doesn’t do pizza (point of difference?)
  • ·         Meals not very good
  • ·         Some menu items not available

Give this new restaurant a few weeks to get sorted. We really need this establishment to survive and flourish to provide further dining choices on the Peninsula. Go for a drink and take a look around. It is very nice inside and hopefully will be known as the place to dine, away from Frankston and Mornington. Be patient.

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