Saturday, January 14, 2012

Los Argentinos restaurant - Franskton

Los Argentinos restaurant (bar and grill) brings something new to the sunny Frankston by the sea. We have many Asian and Italian restaurants a few Mexican, Greek and European but this, as far as I am aware is the first Argentinean restaurant for the area. Hurrah!  Depending when you visit you may have parking problems. Read the parking signs well or the night may workout very costly.
A friend had dined here a few times in the past and knowing my passion for food and drink had suggested my wife and self should try it. So we did.  On a Friday night it was quieter than expected but at this point it is a new restaurant. Frankston's culinary base starts at McDonalds and the thought of well prepared good tasting food would frighten most local away. Particularly from a country they didn’t know existed. Fine diners won’t find silver service but will enjoy the rustic ambiance.  Service is excellent too.

On entering you pass by the open flame grill and notice a very large steak or two under the care of a dedicated cook. Steak is featured on the menu but there is many other dishes which will equally entice. There are also some Argentinean and Chilean wines to chose from. I selected the Argentinean red and found it fragrant smelling, delicious and full bodied. The wife selected Sangria and a seafood dish. She loved the meal but the Sangria was not for her.
The steak was 400g of quality meat and just a tad rare for me but also very flavorsome.  The baked potatoes, which come with the steak, are large and the meal should fill you. Once finished the chef may come out and ask you for a comment. All staff were warm and very friendly making the whole experience excellent and not expensive.  Every aspect of this restaurant is pleasing on a number of levels. To think Frankstonians can now safely try other divers foods not served at McDonalds is heartening. Steak lovers: eat here!

Revisit:  Los Argentinos import a lot of their meat. Once more a good meal at a reasonable price.

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